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SJ Listing Tabs for Content 1.2.0
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SJ Listing Tabs for Content - A powerful Joomla 3.x module for professionally listing content.

You can arrange your content according to the categories or the article fields such as: title, recently added, most views and ordering. Each tab is available with title, tab icon which is got from Image Params, Image Description or an Extend Folder and can be customized directly in the back-end.

The module comes with an easy-to-use back-end that allows you fully control all parameters in the module. You can set which categories or article fields to show. Besides, You are able to manage the way to display the items in the listing tabs with many useful options: title, description, tags, hits, created date, read more link...

SJ Listing Tabs for Content provides an advanced image controlling that allows getting images from lots of resources and optimizing images as you wish. In addition, this module has over 10 nice effects with changeable duration and delay time.

# Main Features
1. Support Responsive layout
2. Fully compatible with IE9+, Firefox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome.
3. Support Multi-Language
4. Allow to show/hide Price, Review, Description, Title, Add to cart button, Created date, Hits, Link and Comment of products
5. Support Multi-Module in the same page
6. Allow to set the column number for each screen resolution
7. Support opening link in: Parent Window, New Window, Popup
8. Allow to list content according to Categories or Article Fields
9. Allow to display all tabs or not
10. Allow to order by:Title, Ordering or Random
11. Support to get category icon from Image Params, Image Description, Extend Folder
12. Support lots of modes for resizing category icon, image: Center, Fill, Fit, Stretch
13. Allow to change width/height, background color of category icon, image
14. Allow to display/hide all item params: Tags, Hits, Created Date, Author, Read More link
15. Easy to change the number of title/description characters of article
16. Support to get image from various sources
17. Support lots of effect
18. Allow to set Duration and Delay time
19. Allow to Include jQuery OR not
20. Support pre- and post- text with each instance
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SJ Listing Tabs for Content 1.2.0
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