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Monthly Archive Pro 4.4.6 UPDATED
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The Monthly Archive Joomla! component provides a list of Joomla or K2 content divided into months and years. It is supplied with a lot of features and multiple parameters, improves user navigation and works as a search tool too. It is great for blogs, news portals, journalists, authors, speakers, and any other content based website.


  • MVC & Multi-language support.
  • Content Type (You can retrieve content from Joomla! or K2).
  • Archived Articles (Display articles from Archive articles or Published articles or Unpublished articles or All of above).
  • Include or Exclude content (Include or Exclude Content from Authors, Articles or Categories).
  • Advanced Search Form (See below the Search form details list).
  • Display months (Order by most recent month first, or reversal).
  • Advanced Layout (You can change the date format, if categories, authors, hits, will be displayed etc.).
  • Pagination (Display or hide the pagination. Set your list limits.).
  • Intro Text with Image (You have the option to display or hide the intro text with image or without image).
  • Copyright Message (Of course you can hide the copyright message if you want).

...and many other useful parameters (see the screenshots).


  • Select articles from specific Month or Year.
  • Select articles by order (Example: Most recent first, Least hits, Most hits etc.).
  • Select articles width comments or not.
  • Select articles by Author.
  • Select articles from a Category.
  • Search via input text. Enter some characters from article's title or introtext or fulltext or meta keywords or meta description of article.


  • JComments integration.
  • K2 integration.
  • SEF URLs.
  • Multi-Language support.
  • Full configuration at component parameters (you can change almost everything).
  • Accordion & Default style for module


  • 2 Layouts: a) Default List b) Accordion
  • Count of months for display. For example if you enter 12 will display only the last 12 months on the list.
  • Show the count of Articles beside each month.
  • Link Target.
  • Include or Exclude Content from Authors, Articles or Categories.
  • Display or Hide the Copyright Message


  • English (United Kingdom) [en_GB]
  • Danish (Denmark) [da_DK]
  • Dutch (Netherlands) [nl_NL]
  • French (France) [fr_FR]
  • German (Germany) [de_DE]
  • Greek (Greece) [el_GR]
  • Italian (Italy) [it_IT]
  • Spanish (Spain) [es_ES]
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