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Securitycheck Pro Control Center 2.1.1 UPDATED
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Securitycheck Pro Control Center has been designed with one goal: to make Joomla! administrator's life easier.

With Securitycheck Pro Control Center you will be able to:

  • Manage all your Joomla! websites from a centralized console.

  • Launch remote tasks and save time
    Check for vulnerable extensions, look for malware, check your files integrity/permission, delete logs captured by the Web Firewall and even update oudated extensions!

  • Install extensions remotely
    Select an extension and it will be installed on every remote site selected!

  • Get info about the latest backup taken
    Component used, last backup timestamp, type of backup and its status.
    Supported backup extensions: AkeebaBackup, X-Cloner Backup and Restore and Easy Joomla Backup.
    If AkeebaBackup is installed and frontend feature is enabled, you will be able to take a remote backup (requires Securitycheck Pro installed on the managed site).

  • Get info about outdated extensions
    You will be able to upgrade them (even the joomla! core) to the latest version clicking on a button!

To launch all this tasks securely, we need a Securitycheck extension installed on the remote sites (free and Pro versions are valid)

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