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J2Store Minimum Order Restriction 1.3
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This plugin allows store owners to set up a minimum order total or subtotal restriction that has to be met for the users to navigate to the checkout page.

You can set the minimum order limit in the Application params.

The validation of the criteria would be done at the cart page, failure of which would lead to a warning that the user has to meet the criteria to proceed further.

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Version 1.3 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2018-05-29
Website JED Developer J2Store
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 9.99 $ EUR

Restriction options

Store owners could set up Price based as well as Quantity based restrictions.

Price based restrictions

With the Price based restrictions, it is possible to restrict based on subtotal and total of the order in cart.

Quantity based restrictions

With the quantity based restrictions, it is possible to restrict based on the total quantity and the line item quantity.

Warning at the cart page

When the conditions are not met, a warning would come up on the cart page, thus preventing the users to proceed further.

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J2Store Minimum Order Restriction 1.3
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