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SD Field Concat for SEBLOD 2.5.3
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A SEBLOD field plugin that allows you to concatenate multiple field/string/date values into a single field value.

Concatenate a large amount of fields into a single field value, and store it anywhere as per the choice of storage options as offered by SEBLOD. SD Field Concat is perfect for constructing unique article titles. For example, assuming you have a contact form that accepts a first name as one of the fields, you may then use SD Field Concat to save the article using a title that consists of the following type of format:
Contact Simon 2013-06-03 14:30:00
Where you have chosen to concatenate a predefined string ("Contact" in this case), the value of the first_name field ("Simon" in this case) and then a custom formatted PHP Date string (Y-m-d H:m:s in this case). If you choose to store this value inside the main article table as the title value, you are creating a custom title.
The uses are only limited as far as your imagination can take you.
What this field plugin DOES do:

  • This field plugin allows you to concatenate multiple fields, plain text strings and date values into one string and save that value saved as per the normal offering of SEBLOD storage options.
  • This plugin allows you to decide if you want the logic processed on article EDIT or not. If not, it's logic will only be run on article creation, and never again.
  • This field plugin will allow you to save it's value as you would be able to save ANY other SEBLOD fields value. In other words, it relies on the default SEBLOD storage engine, it does not provide you with extra storage options.
  • This plugin ALWAYS impresses you.

What this field plugin does NOT do:

  • This field does NOT render itself in the backend or front end. Instead, it is 'invisible' and it's logic happens when the article submission form is processed.
  • This field does NOT take live values from the main article stage (See my SD Live plugin for that)
  • This field does NOT grab fields that are outside the scope of the current article. In other words, it can only grab form fields inside the CURRENT form of the CURRENT article in question.
  • This plugin NEVER disappoints you!

Use and abuse this plugin, it's tougher than tough. It should be an integral aspect of all of your SEBLOD powered sites.

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SD Field Concat for SEBLOD 2.5.3
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