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YouBricks Engine 1.0.12
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Today's webdesign layouts are more evolved and in world of mobile devices everyone is looking for responsive and simple to use layout for their websites. This is where YouBricks Engine Module comes in play. Reading jQuery Masonry Plugin introduction by David Desandro, we couldn't help wonder what if we could use it in Joomla!? And to be honest it wasn't easy but the development has paid off.

YouBricks Engine Module has taken advantage of jQuery Masonry and bundled it with Joomla content , K2 content , like systems and PrettyPhoto jQuery lightbox plugin. What came out is almost replica of Wookmark.com or Pinterest.com websites by using only 1 Joomla module. So what can it do you ask? Let us break it down and explain the functionalities:

News items settings:

Set of parameters in news items settings will help you choose your news items source ( Joomla content or K2 ) , adjust intro text length disable or enable brick attributes like item title , item text , read more button and more.

Brick settings:

The module takes your Joomla content or K2 category assigned news items and arranges them ( see custom demo ) to fit the module position container by using jQuery Masonry Layout and your inserted parameters for Number of bricks on page load Max Brick width and Number of bricks to load on click/scroll.

Script settings:

Here you can enable/disable jQuery Masonry and PrettyPhoto plugin animation options , adjust animations speed or change PrettyPhoto theme. For specific parameter description please hover of parameter title once in module manager.

Likes settings:

YouBricks engine will let your visitors like ( vote ) your news items and you get to choose what systems to use. Component default voting system which is than synced with Joomla content or K2 items rating system or built in module likes system.


With very smart module function you can also turn your news items in money making machine by inserting only 2 lines of html code within your news item intro text.

Insert videos:

Just like advertising function you can add video to your brick which will be displayed in PrettyPhoto jQuery Plugin. For list of supported video types and code to insert in your news item please see module demo page.

Social sharing:

We converted PrettyPhoto Twitter and Facebook gallery sharing links to actual item content links sharing and added support for Pinterest. This way you visitors can share some love while watching their favorite videos.

Extension Options:

  • Jquery Masonry Layout (see custom demo )
  • Jquery PrettyPhoto Lightbox
  • 2 Like Systems: YouBricks Module or (Joomla, K2)
  • Link To Joomla K2 Comment (see custom demo )
  • JComment ( Joomla Content ) or K2 comments counter (see custom demo )
  • Built in Advertising option (see custom demo )
  • Built in video display (see custom demo )
  • 6 PrettyPhoto Lightbox Themes
  • Append items on scroll or click (see custom demo )
  • Comments support for JComments ( Joomla content only )
  • PrettyPhoto Lightbox, Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest link share
  • Use custom module templates
  • Use custom module css
  • 2 different news sources (Joomla, K2)
  • Multiple or single category
  • Specific items
  • Choice of K2 images
  • News item ordering
  • Choice to show or hide only registered items
  • Module Class Suffix assignment
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YouBricks Engine 1.0.12
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