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Pick Up at Place: Zásilkovna.cz (CZ) 1.6.0: 1.3.0
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The complex solution for integration of shipping services offering transport to picking place or address with connection to the VirtueMart.

Solution consists of three types of extensions for Joomla !, which cooperate with each other. The component serves as a central place for managing and configuring services (package in the mail, package in hand delivery to the Z-Point over the company Zásilkovna.cz, delivery address, etc.) From different carriers (Czech Post, Zásilkovna.cz, etc. ) also is used to import location (mail-out points, etc.) and export orders in the application of individual carriers. Connection components for specific transportation service is done using separate plugins (see list below). The component is also using another plugin connected to a particular e-commerce extension (currently available links for VirtueMart).

main features

  • Easy and efficient import location (mail, establishment, business partner, balíkomaty, etc.).
    • Automatically (via CRON server)
    • Manual (component in administration)
  • Intelligent and quick search with branches whispering addresses.
  • The unique design of "location" for each service (inspired design service provider).
  • Checking restrictions on locations (options vary depending on the specific service) including display warnings why not branch to deliver the order (eg. During a temporary closure of the branch or at the maximum weight limit orders, etc.).
  • Configure shipping and handling according to the weight of each service separately.
  • Filter placement in transport (options vary depending on the specific service) according to pre-programmed conditions (eg. For distribution location in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic can easily filter out the location of two transport with different prices).
  • The possibility of merging placement of multiple services into a single service (eg. Mail + package + Zásilkovna Uloženka, etc.) for simplified selection of addresses from one list.
  • Configure the behavior and appearance of transport:
    • The form can be displayed within the Treasury or in the dialog box, available by clicking on the button.
    • Search location can be solved either with a text field with whisperings (quick search, real-time polling the server) or a classic selection of pre-loaded list of locations (suitable only for smaller number of possible locations to choose).
    • Additional location information may be displayed in a tabbed layout or using accordion (accordion).
    • If you are interested and interesting idea, it is possible to add more configuration options.
  • During transport to the address it is possible to identify a particular service carrier (registered parcel, insured parcel, express transport in the larger cities, etc..). NB .: This information is used mainly for the time being to identify the services in export orders, but in the future this information may have other uses.
  • Convenient data export orders from carriers in applications. Note .: This function only support some plugins for connection services (eg. Zásilkovna and Geis) see overview and description below, but the future is expected to support at all (depending on demand, opportunities and complexity of implementation).


Delivery on location

Traffic on the partner affiliates Zásilkovna.cz (Z-Point) in various countries:

  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Germany
  • Polish

Note: According to available information from Zásilkovna should be August 31, 2019 to remove selected information from an XML feed that uses this extension to import branches. After checking the September 1, 2019 and a few days later but still this did not happen. In the event that this will actually happen, so the main functionality of the extension should not be affected, but some information will no longer be at branches displayed while according to my information, it should go eg. The photos and texts on accessibility (location, access by car etc.).

Delivery address

  • Bulgaria DPD
  • Austrian Post
  • Czech Post
  • Czech Republic DPD
  • Express delivery Brno
  • Express delivery Ostrava
  • Express delivery in Prague
  • Deutsche Post
  • Hungarian Post
  • Hungary DPD
  • Hungary Transoflex
  • Polish Post
  • Polish Post 24h
  • Polish DPD
  • DPD Romania
  • Romania FAN
  • Delivery to address SR
  • Express delivery Bratislava
  • Slovak Post
  • Slovakia courier
  • United Kingdom Royal Mail


  • Export to CSV for easy import orders in the Web application carrier


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