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JoomlaXTC Image Wall 1.9.0
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The JoomlaXTC Image Wall module is the easiest way to present attractive image galleries on your website: the animation effects, layout capabilities and the option of using your own custom designs provide incredible yet easy-to-use flexibility to showcase your images.


Configure the module to look for images anywhere in your website directory and use our famous Wall features to create animated slideshows, draggable walls, multiple-page displays, tooltips, hover effects and anything else you can imagine.

  • For Joomla!
  • Unlimited images and directories
  • Filename filtering
  • Supports multiple module copies with different configuration
  • Arrange images in columns, rows and grids with one or more pages
  • 42 button sets included
  • Intelligent and smooth thumbnail cache with two modes of operation
  • Configurable thumbnail size
  • 13 data tags to display information
  • Configurable time,date and size displays
  • 5 sort options with ascending and descending modes
  • JXTC Showcase Javascript Library for Sliders, Tooltips, PopUps and FX.
  • XTS Formating for custom templating and 15 Demo Templates!
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JoomlaXTC Image Wall 1.9.0
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