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Speedy Translate 1.8.1
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Speedy Translate is a dedicated Joomla extension with the ultimate goal to make translating work in Joomla easier and speedier. Our motivation to create this extension is from the fact that building a multilingual site in Joomla is somewhat a confusing and time consuming task, even for an experienced Joomla users, let alone new users. If you have built a multilingual site with Joomla, you will probably agree with us.

Speedy Translate will help you to translate static content and dynamic content in Joomla easier and speedier. For those who does not know about them, static content refers to all content in your Joomla site that are not stored inside your database but in your file system like language files while dynamic content is stored inside your database like your articles.

To translate static content, you will need to edit the language file in INI format (.ini). To translate dynamic content, with Joomla! there are two popular options:

Option 1: using the core Joomla multilingual feature by defining content’s associations. Now each content will be assigned a specific language and they are linked with each other via associations, let say you want to translate your article About us in English to Italian, Japanese and German, you will need to create 03 new articles for those languages and associate them with the original About us article, that means now you will have 04 articles for 04 languages. The advantage of this option is that it is built-in feature but it creates a lot of duplications.

Option 2: using a 3rd Joomla! extension called Falang. This extension takes a different approach and it only allows translate what need to be translate (configured via a file call Content Element), that means there will be less duplication and this is a recommended option.
There are two main hassles when building a multilingual site in Joomla!:

First, when user need to translate static content like a label, a button text, user has to figure out what INI language is storing it and where is the INI language file stored in the file system. Then user need to edit the INI language file manually, the whole process is not convenient at all. And that is what motivated us to create the feature INI TRANSLATE and the CONTEXT TRANSLATION which you can access above.
Second, when translating dynamic content, there is no User Interface that allows users to work on multiple languages concurrently. With Speedy Translate’s INLINE TRANSLATION , you will have that ability, it will save time and avoid confusion for users.

Speedy Translate also has other very useful features: Automatic Translation, Syntax Checker and Duplication Detection

Automatic Translation: automatically make a translation suggestion for you, then you can decide whether to use it or not. This feature is seamlessly integrated with our Inline Translate feature which make it very easier and convenient to use.

Syntax Checker: Debug and fix language file for syntax error via friendly user interface with having to turn on Joomla Debug mode and edit file via FTP. Speedy Translate can also detect malformed language files with incorrect encoding that can break AJAX functionality in some sites which is hard to troubleshoot and debug.

Duplication Detection: Duplication in language files confuse translators and it also cause extra unnecessary works while translating them. Let keep your language files clean and tidy with this functionality.

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  • Alexandra

    # Alexandra 2019-02-24 02:52

    Hi admin. This version supports also K2? Thanks
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    • Joomla! Share

      # Joomla! Share 2019-02-24 22:30

      This is from developer site:

      What do Joomla extensions Speedy Translate support?

      For Inline Translate feature, there are 2 integration modes: Joomla and Falang. With the Joomla integration mode, the supported extensions are Joomla core components: com_content, com_categories, com_contact, com_newsfeed. With Falang integration mode, the supported extensions are Joomla core components like com_content, com_menu, com_categories, com_banners, com_modules, com_tags and other 3rd extensions like Solidres, JEvents, K2, J2Store.
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