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JA Colab is a business Joomla template designed for coworking space, shared workplace, and open space office rental. The template is precisely what your office spaces need, it features every element, layout, and page your new coworking website may require: workspace, locations, about, blog, and more.

The business Joomla theme is built with the robust T4 Framework, fully compatible with Joomla 4 & Joomla 3 with quickstart packages included for each Joomla version. The template supports RTL language layout at core.

An amazing template for coworking space site

JA Colab is a template designed to make coworking better, it features every element, layout, and option your new coworking website should have.

Workspace landing page

Present your workspace highlights, list of products in smart layout using multiple JA ACM module layouts support.

Workspace detail layout

Create a multi-section page for your workspace product detail with a list of features, a list of locations, FAQs, and more so that you can sell your office space and conference rooms.

Location landing page

The location landing page is a listing page to list your products, locations, and more.

Location detail page

Building the location page detail is super easy with JA Colab with an image gallery, highlight features, offers, and more section designs.

Built with the latest T4 Framework

T4 Framework is one of the best Joomla templates with powerful features and ease of customization:

  • Bootstrap 5 integration
  • Layout builder
  • Theme color settings
  • Megamenu builder
  • CSS & SCSS custom tool
  • CSS & JS Compression
  • And many more

Inbuilt blog layout

The Joomla template includes beautiful ready-to-use blog layout using Joomla articles, supports Open Graph for better social sharing to create blog, news page fast and easy.

Bonus pages and all default Joomla pages

All our templates are packed with Joomla default pages to help you build a complete website without coding or using 3rd party extensions: Contact, tags, search, registration, and many more.

Right to left language layout support

The business Joomla template supports the right-to-left layout at the core that allows you to build websites in special languages: Arab, Persian, etc without any additional custom styles.

Joomla 4 and Joomla 3 support

JA Colab is native with the latest Joomla 4 and Joomla 3. Each version has its own quickstart packages to replicate the template demo on your server.

Fully responsive design

JA Colab responds to your website elegantly to various screen sizes, it has been tested to work across devices, from the largest of desktops to modern smartphones.

ja-colab-12 ja-colab-23 ja-colab-34 ja-colab-45 ja-colab-56 ja-colab-67 ja-colab-78
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Saeed Ghofrani
Saeed Ghofrani
1 year ago
Please add Joomla 3 quickstart to the package .

JA Colab for Joomla 3 quickstart 22 Nov 2022 48.03 MB
JA ACM Module module 22 Nov 2022 2.3.2 156.85 KB
T4 System Plugin plugin 11 Nov 2022 2.2.4 8.87 MB
JA Extension Manager Component component 4 Apr 2022 2.7.4 580.17 KB

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Joomla! Share
Joomla! Share
1 year ago
Hi, uploaded
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