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GeoCheckin for Joomla or K2 1.0.1
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The Geocheckin Suite for Joomla or K2 Articles is a component and a set of plugins, modules to let administrator and users easily set locations to their articles, and render these locations. Not only it provides each article with one or more maps but it also allows visitors to validate Geo Checkins to the set locations. It works in a very similar way as Foursquare.com. Users earn points and badges for their checkins, become mayors etc...

The check-in process compares the user's coordinates to article's and if they match ( assuming a tolerance value) the checkin is validated. Most likely , most users will try to check-in using their phone browser to visit the page. The component will show a module with the users closest venues around him and if close enough, an opportunity to login and check-in there. The component also provides a QR code checkin feature allowing users to checkin scanning a QR Code.

Note: The location check-in feature is a great feature, but it is optional. Our Geocheckin component can be used as a powerfull and very user-friendly Geotagging application for Joomla or K2 articles.

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Version 1.0.1 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2020-02-09
Website JED Developer Nordmograph
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 50 € EUR

The suite includes:
- Core extensions:

  • Geochcekin component
  • xtd-editors plugin: to set one or more locations into articles
  • content plugin: to render the map and Check-in Features when displaying an article

- Included optional modules

  • Closest places module: it uses AJAX and HTML5 to display closest places (articles) from visitor's location
  • Google Map module: Customizable global Google Map to locate all articles using AJAX to load markers and info window dynamically.
  • Leaderboards module: 3 in 1 module:
  • Top places (most checked-in)
  • Top Visitors (most check-ins)
  • Top Mayors (most mayorships)

- Included optional plugins

  • Community Builder 3tabs in one plugin: Checkins , Mayorships and counters
  • Jomsocial Checkins
  • Jomsocial Mayourships
  • EasySocial Checkins and Mayorship Counters
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