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Switch language in product for Virtuemart
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Automatical associate language(s) for all your product, categories and manufacturer having translation in your shop.

Only to do is adding a menu link to your VIrtuemart home page.

Use the same render and Flags as Joomla Core, this mean that most of time, you have only to unpublish the core language module and set the virtuemart language switcher in the same position in your template!

Better SEO for your Shop

Add automatically the hreftag, if you need, using short(en) or long language tag(en-gb).Used by google to give the right answer depending the user language.
Fallback to category, if the product is missing to prevent 404 Error.
Joomla Core Sef Compatible

Compatible with Joomla menu Association

To try it , simply go to the shop and click on the French and english flag on the top, to see it in action.

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