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Audio VirtueMart 3.0.0 UPDATED
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Audio plugin for VirtueMart allows you to play audio files related to the item in question for sale. It's an ideal helper to support sales such as music albums

It suffices to write the name of a music file in the plug-in settings for your specific product, its URL (the physical location of the audio file on your or partner's server), and allow your customers to listen to a soundtrack, for example, from a music album that is being sold. Many people, when buying music, first need to listen to what they want to buy and then decide. Using this audio plugin speeds up your customer's choice to buy the goods right for you.

Plugin language versions: SK, CZ, GB, DE, PL, HU, ES, IT

The payment plugin has an interface for automatic update from Joomla administration. In this way, we provide customers who have purchased this product in the future automatically and free of charge to update to the latest versions. This plugin is licensed GNU/GPL.

Plugin technical parameters

The plugin needs to be installed through the CMS Joomla 3 installation interface and then go through the VirtueMart administration. In the VirtueMart administration, open the Goods box on the left side of the main menu. Create a new user field and name it Audio. Select from the list User-Defined Type - Plug-ins. You will then see a list at the bottom of the administrative interface - Select plug-in. Select a plugin named VM Audio and save it all. Go to the goods, select the goods in which you want to place the video and click on the details of the item on the last tab right in the box entitled User fields. In the User-Defined Type section, select Audio. You will see the plugin interface. Now you just need to set the name of the audio file and its URL, and do not forget to save it all.

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